BraveCo presents the Universal Vortex Machine

The Universal Vortex Machine is the first ‘aero acoustic’ milling device. It creates extreme vortices, without any mechanical force, for use in advanced grinding and drying equipment;
Air Pressure - 150,000psi
Air Speed - 1000kph
The vortex smashes particles and rips off the moisture to produce a fine dry powder.

The unique vortex process controls vortices and generates;

  • Thermal Shock
  • Supersonic Resonance
  • Vacuum Forming Vortices
  • Harmonics and Sub-harmonics
  • Standing Wave Shock
  • Cavitation
  • Cyclonic Air Stream
  • Converts the potential energy of materials
  • in the air stream to kinetic energy
Major Advantages of Vortex Technology

The Universal Vortex Machine is suitable for use in every major industry. No other machine or process will effectively mill and dry to a fine powder as efficiently as a vortex.

Advantages include:
  • Energy efficient.
  • Modularized for very large projects.
  • Low maintenance, very mobile.
  • High volume; 20tph.
  • Fast installation.
  • Clean no contact process.
  • One moving Part
  • Massive pathogen reduction

The ultimate advantage of a vortex is its rapid deployment, mobility and suitability to so many applications.

Materials Developing

Specific test data is complete for minerals, grain, and recyclable products. Since 2003 vortex trials have been completed on a wide range of materials

  • Coal Ash
  • Cement
  • Iron Ore
  • Limestone
  • Coal
  • Bauxite
  • Gold Quartz
  • Wheat, Barley, Oates, Corn
  • Rubber
  • Zircon
  • llmenite
  • Zinc
  • Foundry Slag
  • Nickel Laterite
  • Spodumene
  • Kaolin Clay
  • Glass
  • Gypsum
  • Coal Fines

Industry & Mining applications

Ore Milling - Significant savings across the Mining industry
A ‘game changer’ for the mining industry that goes straight to the bottom line with savings in maintenance, manpower, service-time and overheads.
  • Iron Ore
  • Limestone
  • Gold Quartz
  • Coal
  • Bauxite
  • Zinc
  • Nickel Laterite
  • Spodumene
  • Gypsum
Coal Ash Processing - Removal and Re-use;
  • Fly Ash is used in cement products, and has a high value additive.
  • The vortex dries coal ash and mills coal ash in one action.
  • The vortex instantly processes coal ash to a fine powder.
  • Downstream uses are available to safely and completely resolve the coal ash environmental issue.

Vortex processing successfully prepares the coal ash for a range of cement based products and applications..

Coal Processing

Refines Coal to a Dry Powder
for use in all pulverised fuel boilers

Coal Processing Analysis of high moisture Lignite

HRL Technology Pty Ltd Coal and Minerals Analysis
HRL Project Code : 67120007
Client Name : Universal Vortex Industries Pty Ltd

Sample Description / DesignationMoisture %arProximate Analysis %dbUltimate Analysis %dbCalorific Value MJ/kg
Ash YieldVolatile MatterFixed CarbonCHNSGross DryNet Wet
CMM/12/ A001-02
Raw Coal:
3200rpm 24.11.12
CMM/12/ A001-01
Processed Coal:
2 Pass Prod. Yallorn IER
UV N0#
Processed Coal: 
Prod. Loy Yang 1

Vortex coal processing breaks the coal cell open removing surface and inherent moisture suitable for;

  • immediate use in coal power boilers
  • as a filter product, pelletized as a fertilizer
  • a feedstock for pyrolysis and coal chemical processes

Rubber - Hundreds of millions of tyres to be recycled every year

Rubber is one of the most abundant waste materials for recycling. Initial processing has shown that the Universal Vortex can reduce rubber crumb to below 200 micron making it suitable for applications including;

  • Heat and power generation
  • Remolding
Universal Vortex Major Component

Industry Focus

Energy represents 20% to 40% of the total cost of cement production.
World Energy Markets dictate that major industries urgently require the increased efficiencies that a Universal Vortex provides.

Environment & Recycling

A Strategic Environmental Technology
The Universal Vortex is the first change to processing technology in decades. The vortex provides a total solution for a range of environmental dilemmas. It is also strategically placed to capture new markets in many industries with its capacity to value add to existing projects.

Recycling and Environmental

  • Coal Ash
  • Recycled cement, plasterboard and bricks, glass and ceramics
  • Drying sewage sludge
  • Mining
  • Process pond remediation
Waste Management
A major problem requires an immediate solution

Vortex drying will remove the difficulties associated with of millions of tonnes of feedlot waste.

Feedlot waste and sewage can be dried to a powder or pelletized for use as a clean high value added;

  • Fertilizer.
  • Fuel.
Coal Ash Remediation

Coal Ash Dumps are an environmental and legal time bomb.
The implications are getting worse by the day.

Coal ash is the second largest stream of industrial waste in the US at approximately 130 million tons annually…

  • A toxic chemical soup
  • Heavy metals in water and dust
  • Over 9000 sites worldwide currently have no viable hope of ever being remediated.

US Coal Ash Dams

  • 208 Contaminations and spills. 331 Significant Hazard Coal Ash Ponds (USEPA).
  • Hazard ratings refer to the potential for loss of life or damage from dam failure.
Universal Vortex removes and reuses all of the coal ash a total solution
Vortex Glass Recycling
Massive acoustic pressure in a Universal Vortex shatters hard, crystalline materials like glass.
  • Bottles and Containers
  • Toughened Plate Glass
  • Laminated auto glass
  • Catalytic Converters
  • Ceramics
  • CRT TV tubes

Each Universal Vortex produces 20 tonne per hour, of ultra-fine glass powder.

  • Providing a strong commercial incentive for glass recovery
  • Creating a base for value-added ultrafine glass products
  • Provides a cost effective waste mitigation and landfill solution